Traditional Childbirth Education focuses on the apparent aspects of physical preparation for birth, but doesn't address the underlying spiritual, emotional and energetic transformation that is taking place.

In the Motherbirth Prenatal Embodiment approach, we take time to learn how to release tension, fear and generational patterns in the body so that you can be fully present, in your body, during your pregnancy, birth and postpartum period. We will also practice working with energy and your own intuition so that you feel a sense of agency in your unfolding experience. Finally, we will focus on creating a connection with your baby that will become "homebase" in the months to come.

Don't just prepare for the birth of your baby - prepare for your own birth as a mother.

What is Included

  • Beginning February 16th, we will meet on Zoom every other Wednesday at 10:00am CST. Our final session will be June 1st, for a total of 8 sessions. Sessions will be a combination of guided meditation and practices, group sharing, one-on-one practice with other participants and individual coaching.

  • Throughout the group duration, you'll have access to a private message group with Mellisa and the other participants for connection, follow up, as well as sharing & questions that come up as you integrate the practices into your life.

Monthly Payment Option